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          1. choonagi

            Hello, again.

            The candy in this place is amazing.!

            You have A LOT titles for authors I really like.

            I’ll only put in my request in for a few titles at this time so it won’t be too overwhelming.

            ITABA Hiroshi 板場広し (Itaba Tatamiten 板場畳店) – Impressive ! (There are 24 titles of which I only have around 4 that match.)
            汁嬢 Shirujyou

            HIROAKI Hori 堀博昭 (Polinky Hiroba ポリンキー広場)
            女教師亮子の穴 (Ryoko the Scandal Teacher)

            YANAGAWA Rio やながわ理央 – Impressive!
            AVシネ倶楽部 (AV Shine Club) Vol.01-02

            I’m not in any rush, so please re-upload when you’re able to.
            (I think the DL links in these pages are being redirected to smartmovies.)

            Really great site. Thanks!!!

          2. mangaupload Post author

            I’ll be getting around to reuploading all of those, but it won’t be for a while. Many apologies for the inconvenience.

  1. gthunderex

    Please re-upload Shura no Mon – Dai Ni Mon (修羅の門 第弐門) v1-17 (ONGOING)
    I really love this manga series, all the links are dead. I prefer Uploaded
    thanks very much!

  2. gthunderex

    Please re-upload both Ryuurouden (龍狼伝) v1-37 and Ryuurouden – Chuugen Ryouranhen (龍狼伝 中原繚乱編) v1-12 (ONGOING). They’re my childhood series, never got the chance to finish them in my country, the publish is canceled. I prefer Uploaded.net, please take your time.

    Thank you very much.

    1. mangaupload Post author

      I actually don’t have those two backed up, so I’m going to have to try to find them again. Unfortunately, it might take a few days. Apologies in advance for the delay.

  3. KT-1

    COMIC Shitsurakuten 2014-12 Vol.74.rar for Datafile have a problem It was a message (ErrorCode 3: This file was deleted by uploader or by abuse or by terms violation) help a little Thank you very much

    1. mangaupload Post author

      Sorry for the delay. I reuploaded v06-10 for Datafile. Please let me know if you need links for Uploaded, so I can have those reuploaded in a few days.

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